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Adopt a Tiger
Meet Berani, Zoo Miami's nresident male Sumatran Tiger! Your symbolic adoption helps our zookeepers provide nourishing food and stimulating enrichment activities for Berani and the rest of the Zoo Miami tiger family.

Environmentalist Package
Price: $15.00
$15 - Environmentalist Package (100% tax-deductible)
• Digital certificate of adoption
• Digital fun facts about your Sumatran Tiger
• Digital photo of your Sumatran Tiger 
• Subscription to Zoo Miami's e-newsletter "Keepin' it Wild"

Friend Package
Price: $25.00
$25 - Friend Package ($22 tax-deductible)
• Personalized certificate of adoption
• Sumatran Tiger fun facts
Sumatran Tiger photo by Ron Magill
• Subscription to Zoo Miami's e-newsletter "Keepin' it Wild"​


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